Solar Products
  Akson's is the first Indian company to develop its proprietary patented solar selective coating process using the 100% GREEN Physical Vapor Deposition (Thin film) to get highly efficient solar absorber surface "PVDSunselect". Subsequently the European companies opted for thin film deposition.

Akson's again developed the first Concentrator Plate Collector " QUASAR" (patent under process) in the standard solar flat plate collector box. This shall help making solar air-conditioning affordable in the near future.

Akson’s has developed India’s FIRST ‘JOINTLESS’ collector using a single trough punched from a single sheet, avoiding the joints, rivets & screws present in the conventional collectors. This leads to improved efficiency and enhanced aesthetics, and eliminates problems associated with existing collectors, like galvanic corrosion, air gaps etc. This new model has been launched at the 3rd RENEWABLE ENERGY INDIA 2009 EXPO, NEW DELHI, in august 2009.

Akson's developed the world's first ever fully programmable solar water heating system "AKSON'S DELTA" (patent under process) for multistoried residential buildings. It offers the perfect solution for hot water needs of multistoried buildings. It is a high-tech but price competitive solution. For more information please download the brochure.

Akson's through its R &D has developed a unique solar water heating system "AKSON'S MAESTRO" that overcomes all the problems / limitations associated with Natural Thermo-siphon heating systems. For more information please download the brochure.

Akson's offers complete solar cooking solutions through its wide range of products like the "SOLAR OVEN", “SK-14 parabolic solar Cooker”, “3M2 parabolic community cooker” and Scheffler dish based solar cooking solutions including community steam cooking.

Akson's also supplies excellent quality ETC systems for domestic as well as high temperature industrial applications.

Akson's has developed solar driers and can provide solar drying systems with THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE to facilitate 24 hour working for small as well as industrial applications. Similarly Akson's can provide solar solution for effluent evaporation for industries and also manufactures solar water purification and distillation systems.